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NYC White Cyc Studio

Corner white cycloroma in studio. Greenscreen.  Bluescreen
Professional video equipment custom

NYC White Cyc Studio

Our NYC White Cyc Studio, located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, offers a premier shooting space conveniently close to Manhattan, Queens, Long Island City, Williamsburg, and Bushwick.  The studio features a corner white cyclorama (white cyc) stage measuring 45 feet by 25 feet, which can also be used as a green screen or chromakey green cyc.  With ground floor drive-on access, its perfect for filming cars or actors.  The stage is equipped with a full grid for rigging lights, harnesses, and other necessary grip or electric equipment, supported by 1200 amps of available power.  For added convenience, we offer an affordable in-house G&E pack available for rent. 

Our white cyc studio also includes additional amenities to enhance your production experience.  We provide a hair and makeup room (HMU), as well as separate spaces for holding actors and catering, within a total of 6000 square feet of available space.  Our studio is designed to meet the diverse needs of any production, providing a unique and versatile environment.  Discover our exceptional production capabilities and unique studio space for your next project.  Book your studio rental today and take advantage of our top-notch facilities and convenient Brooklyn location.  

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