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Brooklyn NYC Film Studio

Corner white cycloroma in studio. Greenscreen.  Bluescreen
Full bar used for production catering and events
Private HMU/Greenroom in studio. Hair, Makeup

Brooklyn NYC Film Studios

Welcome to Brooklyn's premier New York City Film Studio!  Nestled in the heart of the vibrant borough, our facility offers filmmakers a space to bring their vision to life. From music videos, commercial shoots, and set fabrication we provide top-tier amenities and support to ensure that every shoot is a success.  Explore Windmill Film Studio and discover the perfect setting for your next creative project. 

Our Greenpoint Brooklyn film and television studio makes production of your film, indie movie, video,  television show, commercial, or music video easy with ground level drive on street access. Our loading area is big enough to pull in a car, truck, or other vehicle for easy load in of your grip and electrics, (G&E) and expendables. Our stage doors are large enough for cars to drive directly onto the stage. There is ample room for catering and holding for principle and background actors. The stage has both a white cyclorama (white cyc) that is 45ft x 25ft. The cyc can be used as a greenscreen chromakey cyc. There is also exposed white brick. We have fast wifi and 1200 amps of available power. Our inhouse scenic shop can save production budgets by eliminating delivery and install costs from your bottom line. We do not require  you to take our grip and electric pack, you may bring in outside vendors. Our inhouse studio manager is included in your rental. You will not find unexpected fees at the end of your rental. 

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